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Hi, I'm new here. I have two cats, Mitzi and Dolly, both 14 years old. Dolly has been diagnosed with CRF. Mitzi is hyperthyroid. Dolly was hyperthyroid also until she had her thyroid glands removed. Since then she's been stable, happy, and has gained weight. We have to decide whether Mitzi should undergo the same op. She is a little more vulnerable and mildly epileptic, so it isn't an easy decision. As Dolly is on the CRF renal diet, I try to keep their food dishes separate. However, Dolly has recently begun to reject the renal diet. I'm tempted to let her eat whatever she can, regardless, but can't quite bring myself to give her whatever she likes, regardless. So, this is me. I'm 76, I live with my husband, and we're both very attached to our cats. In fact, more and more as they take on their health problems, they seem to dominate our home!
I'd be interested to hear of anyone else with similar situations.
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