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Hello, My name is Fernie. I currently have 2 cats. Lucky is my 2 yr old black short hair male and Sadie our 3 yr old medium tortie female.

Sadie is a sweet love bug with extremely soft fur. We adopted her from a rescue that stated she was a stray. She has a none of the traits of a stray. She is not too sure of the kids. She has managed to put Lucky in his place.

Lucky is my boy. We have had since he was born. He was the only kitten in the litter to survive. He has more of a alley cat personality, but that may be due to his mother being a stray that took off when he was 5 weeks.

Sadie is not interested in Lucky and has made it clear he is to leave her alone. Lucky is curious about Sadie and is trying to figure out why she gets mad at him. Life around here is always interesting.
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