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I just joined a couple of days ago and am pleased to "meet" all of you. I have posted a few replies in the chat forum.

My name is Linda, I am owned by a beautiful himalayan/siamese cross named Simba. He is a joy! He is gentle, loving and very affectionate. Unfortunately he is having a rough go right now.

He is (hopefully) recovering from liver failure. He just started eating on his own last Wednesday and although he isn't eating a lot, at least he is getting some nutrition. Apparently the only way the liver can mend is if he eats.

He has gone from 12 pounds down to 8 pounds - but we hold him and cuddle him in a blanket as often as possible. He talks to us and purrs so we think he is on the mend.

We look forward to "chatting" with all of you and sharing our experiences with you.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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