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well here are some cat-tures, i have to say one of them is great! well actually they all are, but thats just my opnion lol

well vienna (mum) is a black cat, whos mum was a tonkinese with blues eyes, vienna is now a mummy herself, she is a beautiful black cat, with a blue ring about 5mm around her pupils, with a gold ring around that, i got a great pic with her and her blue ahowing with the way it caught the flash!

as i took the pictures the kids (bottom left) decided to jump in and make it an action-shot! hehe

heres another, this is of smeagle, i think she was posessed, she was near the top of the net curtain, bearing in mind i have patio doors, so its the height of a room! but look at those eyes.....shes possesed!

and finally a cutey cat-ture smeagle and screech both went to sleep in my arms nxt to each other like little babies awwwwwww!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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