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New pics of my evil twosome

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Enjoy the cuteness.


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Oh my gosh, I love the closeup of Sinatra! Those beautiful blue eyes!

The one looking up at Nutmeg is awesome too. I love her big white toes.
Except you can see his dirty face! He hates cleaning it.

Nutmeg was trying to catch the phone when I took the picture. You can see in the first and second picture what she does when she catches it.
Great pictures, gorgeous kitties!
Ooo, the top one looks like Muffin. There are several on here with chocolate milk mustaches.
I love the one of Nutmeg biting the phone, Mitzi does that too!
SQUEEEEE!!!! Hugs to Sinatra and Nutters!
I love Nutmeg's expressions and Sinatra has such beautiful blue eyes. They are gorgeous cats!
I love that Sinatra pic, too. They are super cute, both of 'em.
Thanks everyone!!

Abbie she does that anytime mine or Eric's phone rings. She regularly hangs up on me when I call him!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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