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New potential cat owner here

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Hi all, I'm Andy and I'm thinking about getting a cat. I love cats, I've lived with several in the past and really enjoy them. Still haven't made the plunge to get my own yet, but that may change soon.
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You should do it! Go to a shelter and feel out a kitty there. The best cats I've ever had were rescues. They're really worth it.

Good luck! If you get one, post it!
Any preferences? From reading here the last 5wks, I notice a lot of posters have taken in abandoned, sheltered, and just cats needing to get out of the cage at the animal control/humane society places. Most seem to feel they found the 'best' cat they could ever want.

Our two oldest cats came from children who found them as weak, too young, and sickly kittens. Best cats (excluding the two siamese) we ever had. Now, the rescued female who was probably lost, abandoned or whatever is a blessing too and has fit in nicely.

Check with a local shelter for cats and see about fostering if you think that will work for you. It helps the shelter and they will help to find a permanent home for the cat while you help to settle it and train it.
agree with the idea of fostering if you're still on the fence about being a cat owner again. could be a great way to get you up to speed again - you know, like babysitting someone else's kids for a few hours, then giving them back at the end of the day! ha ha. 'course you'd be kitty-sitting for longer than a few hours at a time - more like 2-8 weeks at a time. still, if you're not quite sure you want one of your very own permanently, this is a great way to do a world of good for some needy cats. it's also a great way to eventually find that one (or more!) cat that you really bond with.
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