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I've had the kittens 13 days now, and they have really perked up.

I took Tiger back to the vet becasue his eyes weren't clearing up, so now I get to medicate him with tablets twice a day and put ointment in his eyes 3x per day... I'm not his favourite person atm :roll:

Yesterday we had a breakthrough though, and I was able to touch him without getting hissed at, so I think his vision is improving (I think he was hissing at everyone because he just couldn't see well enough to figure out what was happening). And boy does he have a BIG purr... sooo big for a tiny body :nods:

Domino is a very cute little devil, and gets up to all kinds of mischief. Contrary to Tiger, Domino has a tiny tiny little voice and tends to squeak. I haven't heard her miaow at all yet... but she also has a big purr.

Tiger is just SO cute face on... his little mouth being darker than his face gives him such a puzzled expression all the time (sorry these are not good quality, but he still spends the majority of the time hiding from me)

Tiger looking very smart with his white toes:

Hewwo's from Domino (who can now climb onto the sofa without assistance)

Looking much more relaxed:

How relaxed can you get *snigger*
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