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Hi everyone, I'm Raisy and I'm registering because I tend to have lots of questions about my kitties and today especially since it seems like they are both under the weather..
I have had Tinky and Tufty for 4 years, since they were about 2 months old. I fostered them for a while because they were too young to adopt and of course I got so attached so I adopted them (back in 2007).
Tinky is the love of my life, she is the most affectionate cat I have ever known... she sticks to me like glue, purrs constantly, insists on sleeping as close to my face as possible. She is truly the sweetest little thing... She is pretty small, grey and white with a dash of orange.
Tufty is my big man... he is black all over with a miniscule tuft of white fur on his chest. He is a big-boned kitty who weighs about 18 pounds, loves to talk... he meows constantly for no reason, loves to attack Tinky... and is generally a big weirdo.
I love them both though!! They make life so interesting.... :)
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