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HI Everyone! My name is Jennifer, and my husband Bernard and I are proud owners of two kittens, Oreo and Spartacus.

We got Oreo on my birthday from my co-worker who nursed him from when he was 2 weeks old. Oreo was found at the doorstep of my co-worker's house and I fell in love with him when she snuck him in our workplace. Oreo is a black and white 10.5-lb "kitten," medium fur length, and about 7 months old now. Oreo is a very alpha-male type of kitten/cat and only wants to be held for maybe a total of 30minutes throughout the day. He is very independent. He does not like to chase toys, but will try and catch them if they are playing peek-a-boo lol. He is an indoor cat, although, because he is having marking issues (he soiled our couch and also pooped on it too!), he is on our balcony and seems to enjoy it, especially since he got his own tower and scratching post. He loves his harness and loves when we take him out (although he does not walk much hehe).

We adopted Spartacus from the Hawaiian Humane Society via PetCo on New Year's Eve 2011 (going into 2012). He is about 5 months old now and is a black and brown with stripes and "circles" on his body. He has a somewhat short tail, about 5lbs and also has medium length fur at the tips of his ears. He is a very shy kitten with strangers and unfamiliar places. He is scared of the outside world pretty much and hates his harness. He will want to hide under your arm from anything out of the ordinary, and is happiest at home. Spartacus loves all kinds of toys and is super fast to chase them! He is very affectionate and always wants our attention. He does not like being alone. He enjoys sleeping on our couch and on our laps. He is very "talkative" and will do these silent meows, which are adorable!

We have some issues with our older kitten/cat Oreo. He is marking/peeing and pooping outside his litter box. He has marked a lot of my husband's belongings such as his work bag, gym bag, dumbbells, his side of the bed, and the couch that my husband likes sitting on. And recently after initially separating the two and introducing them back, Oreo peed on the couch twice and pooped on our other couch. I am not sure if Oreo is marking his territory and being alpha male towards my husband, towards Spartacus or both. Oreo has not marked any of my belongings. I thought it was a medical issue, but since we put him outside on the balcony, he has not had any accidents.

I took some advice from this forum and other blogs to help us. I bought Spartacus his own litter box, bought Oreo his own tower/scratch board, Spartacus stays in our second bedroom, and Oreo stays on the balcony. I used Nature's Miracle and soaked the furniture with it, followed by using a deep cleaning machine to clean up the mess. I bought a calming spray, pheromone diffuser and calming collar for Oreo, and I also sprayed a "No Marking" spray all over the house. The next thing I want to do is buy Oreo a bigger litter box. One thing I did not do is use a black light to see all the spots he has marked, but will do so soon. Any more advice??? Oreo also bites if you pet him too much, and tries to attack your hands and feet (so bad. before doing research, we often played with Oreo with our hands). He was just neutered last week.

Any help is welcomed!!!! :2kitties
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