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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum. We are adopting a 4 month old kitten from a local rescue. She is a Siamese mix. We don't have her yet. The foster mom had to take her and her siblings to the vet yesterday due to some eye discharge and sneezing. The vet put them all on meds. The vet and the foster mom decided it would be best for us to wait another week before bringing our kitty home to give her time to get the meds in her and start recovering. The stress of moving could make her worse. So we are happy to wait and happy the foster mom is looking out for the best thing for the kitties.

My family has three kids and a dog, but our dog is my service dog. So the kids don't really get to play with him much. My oldest son is almost 7 years old, my middle son is 5 years old, and my daughter is almost 7 months old. I grew up with cats and have lived with people who have had cats. However, I have not really owned an indoor cat myself. We are very excited to have a little kitty. The boys have been asking to get a kitty for years!

I am excited to be here to learn more to make sure we give the best home to the kitten. We have already had a home inspection from the foster mom and she gave us a lot of input. She says she feels the kitty will have a great time here.
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