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Hello everyone :grin:
As you can probably guess from my username, my name is Caroline. I've always had cats in my family, but this is the first cat forum I have ever joined.
Right now I have four lovely kitties: an ex-stray, a shelter baby, an accidental birth, and a cardboard box outside the supermarket story.
They all have their attitudes and quirks but that's what we all love cats for anyway. I'm convinced that they would never have survived in a home that doesn't spoil them rotten, because they are so darn picky and finicky about everything. They'd either starve or die of sleep deprivation from refusing to sleep on sub par bedding.
The sad part is I can't blame them for being high maintenance because I know my family and I are responsible for creating the little monsters they all are.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from all of you and forcing you to stare at my little fuzz balls all day as I upload new pictures.
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Welcome, Caroline!

Please upload and let the forced staring begin! :grin:
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