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Hello everyone;

I'm new to the forum and may be getting my "first" kitten as an "adult".

I've had cats growing up, but now that I'm out on my own and thriving I've been thinking about getting a kitten. :D (Also a friend just had kittens :p)

Oops let me properly introduce myself.

I am Anne and I am quite an animal lover.

Currently, I own:

1 guinea pig
1 cockatiel
10gal community tank
20gal long divided betta tank
30gal betta sorority w/ an oscar(baby), African Dwarf frog, and a dragon gobi

I don't have a lot of free time lol

I am taking a break from college but will be going back to become a teacher, elementary, and I have an amazing boyfriend who is currently off at bootcamp. I like the oldies; music, dress, movies, books, morals; and don't watch TV. I also love to work with my hands and build things.

Also because of the amount of critters I own and working two jobs I don't get online a huge amount and probably won't be posting on here a lot. I'm more lurk-and-learn rather than post. :p Sorry but it's all I can manage right now.

Um that's me and now I must rush off to finish scrubbing the cages :p

Have a lovely day!


PS: Sorry I started playing with the font stuff and got a bit carried away with them. :p I usually don't get so elaborate with my posts hehe

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Welcome Anne. You sound like a serious animal lover. You will enjoy CF. Youll learn a lot about cats. You should post photos of your critter family!
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