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Newbie Here...

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Just got referred to this board from a member that is also a greyhound owner...and I'm so glad! Finally a place to talk about my baby cats! :) I'm Nancy, and I'm from SC, and I have three precious kitties... Zooey (9yr old male black tabby with white feet, tail tip, under his nose and tummy/chest whom you can see at 3 months in my avatar photo), Franny (littermate to Zooey, 9yr old female gray tabby with white toes and tummy/chest), and Mills (5 yr old male orange tabby/shelter kitty). All my kitties are heinz 57s...tho I recently saw a pic of an American Shorthair, purebred, and it looked a lot like Mills. I've also been told that the perfect 'M' over his eyes is significant to him being related to a purebred orange tabby...but I've never known much about cat breeds...I'm hoping to learn here! Glad to be here!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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