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Good morning! I am new to this forum - and although my cat is 7 years old - new to cats! My cat's name is Meanie! She is quite the sweet cat! She was found, with 4 other baby kittens, over my back fence 7 years ago, by my dogs! To make it short, she has been part of our family ever since. At that time, I had 2 dogs. They all got along fine. She has always been shy when people are around and hides. She loves my golden retreiver. Over the last seven years the 2 dogs that she began her life with have passed on. For two years it was just her and the golden. Since all was good, I didn't think twice about getting another dog. So a year ago, I got a chihuahua puppy. It was only 3 months old so I was afraid that the cat would hurt it, the cat being 12 lbs. Therefore, I kept them separated. Also, I didn't want to chase the puppy upstairs to make sure it didn't poop or pee up there! Well, needless to say, the cat will not come downstairs because of the puppy, even now!! How can I get them used to each other?
We bought a travel trailer, partly so that we can take our animals when we go anywhere, even for a weekend! But, it is a very small one and no where for the cat to get away from the pup. I want them to live together like the others did. Is it just a matter of time, or should I do something to get them together. I still have my stairs blocked, because I don't trust the dog 100 %!! Please, any help is welcome!! This is my first cat!
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You can search on the forum for cat introduction threads. Although they are usually cat to cat introductions, it may help you do a cat to dog introduction.

I have 2 cats and 1 dog and they get along usually.

You can use a set of baby gates so that they two can see, touch, smell each other. Allow a small amount of time each day for supervised visits. Slowly increase the frequency and duration of visit time if things go well. You can use treats to teach them that good things occur when they see the other one. If it's possible, you can also opt to feed them at the gates too.

Another thing I find extremely helpful is making sure your dog is properly trained and socialized too. If not, then sign up for some dog obedience classes first. Cats usually do their own thing so if at least the dog is trained, you won't have both of them going crazy when you introduce them. For the socializing part, try taking your dog to Petsmart where there's cats available for adoption. Getting your dog to be indifferent to the presence/sight of a cat is helpful.
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Thank you for the info. It would be a little easier if the cat was responsive to treats, but I don't have anything she finds "irresistible." I have had them in the same room and the dog will stop short of the cat. I just don't like her being so frightened.
That's why you need that baby gate barrier. If they're just in the same room and there's nowhere to run, no place to feel safe in, then of course there's going to be uneasiness with a 'strange' animal.

I had something similar to a babygate. We had a DIY wooden prison bar door installed on the main bathroom where the 2nd cat stayed for the 1st month. My other cat and my dog was able to go up to the door and check him out. They could see, hear, smell, touch him and of course vice versa. After he got neutered, I moved him to a bigger room along with the door for another 2 weeks or so. the cats used to play pawsies between the bars. After the 2 weeks was up, I let the 2nd cat out. He had full access to the entire house and had almost no probs with the rest of the gang. In fact, he's actually best friends with my dog while the other cat bosses him around.

Have you tried freeze dried chicken breast? That's my gang's fav.
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