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I am a veterinary student. I feed a homemade diet to my 4 year old siamese mix that is partially raw and partially slow-cooked gruel.
She is a very healthy girl with no health problems recently. She was very sick as a kitten, in fact I acquired her while working at a clinic. She was so tiny and sick that we all took turns bringing her home with us at night so she could be fed every 4 hours. My husband and I fell for her and now she is our evil, loving little girl.
I am involved with the AHVMA, the American Holist Veterinary Medical Association, which is an amazing resource for vets who want to explore beyond what they were introduced to in school. The vets who are members are great resources for pet owners and animal production professionals.
Mostly I am here for the raw food forum, but maybe if I know something, I can help others as well. Heck, I'll be a real doctor in less than 2 years!
I look forward to meeting you all,
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