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Marble our rescued feline friend is about 2 yrs old now...I call her Baby at times cause other cats are at much older.....Marble coloring made me think of marble cake and when she was on our balcony and would run when I came out to her, all I first saw was a flash of marble escaping onto the roof and away...'Baby' came out when I got her to sit in my lap because she was so tiny compared to our others.

Kermit......Pudge, Penquin, boy does he like to eat...the other two were about 10yrs old when he was born in our house...he didn't stand as soon as the others in the litter and would use his front legs to crawl and his back legs would drag...Kids decided kermit was a good name..He was the runt too..(not anymore). Finally after a day or so he stood but the other three kind of avoided him...that was when I knew he would be my little guy and kermit stuck.

Never done much with nicknames as in our family almost everyone had a nickname that wasn't anything to do with their given name. Never could figure that out.....
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