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Night time behaviour

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I'm new here, I have 2 cats Ollie (Ginger & white) normal domestic male who's 10 months old and Max ( sliver tabby) female who's 8 months old both are netured.

Ollie for the past month from about 2am will wake us up by meowing very loudly, climbing and knocking stuff off shelves, ripping our bedroom wallpaper and opening doors to our children's rooms. Which we shut at night as he was waking them up in the night and they were getting up tired in the morning.

These cats are constantly getting attention, I work from home so they aren't home alone.

We are awake from 2am every night and he will not stop until we are up and when we do get up he stops and lays down goes to sleep. Any suggestions on how we can stop this behaviour.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts