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No More Raw Egg for My Cats

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Cubby doesn't seem to want to eat raw egg any more, and it has caused Luke to poop on the carpet a few times [like this morning], so I've decided to no longer feed them raw [free range] eggs. They seem like balanced cats to me. I think they'll be fine without egg.
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Hi AC,

And then I went and fed Luke a big piece of raw liver the next day and guess what? He pooped on the carpet again. Liver also seems to loosen their bowels up. :)
Sorry if I'm thread jacking, but in addition to what AC said, try to avoid feeding raw egg whites and only give the yolks. Here is a link from that explains why.

You can also just cook the egg whites with a little bit of water and feed the yolks raw. Here is some more info:

Egg White D'uh Moment - cat nutrition

I haven't given my kitties eggs in a while actually, I think I will do that today or tomorrow :) For Easter! Hehe.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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