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Norwegian Forest Cat?

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Just curious if anyone here has one and could tell me a bit about the breed thats not just breed standards? I adopted Archie after having gone to meet another cat who didn't seem too keen on me ( actually she just seemed attached to her foster dad). Archie turned into a blob of jello for a belly rub then curled up around my hand, who could say no to that? His paperwork says maine **** mix, but I'm pretty sure every rescue will label anything with long hair and a slightly larger build as maine **** mix. But really he fits the norwegian profile really well, so i am just curious. If he is Norwegian, maine ****, DLH, or half wild cat it doesn't matter I love him all the same. But since he fits the breed profile so well I am just wondering what I can maybe expect from him as far as size, personality, health etc....
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our first kitty was a NFC and we took her in as a stray actually. she was @5 or 6 years old. i have read some things about NFCs being one of the best cats for young kids and i'm pretty sure that's true for most of them. all i can do is share our experience with her. she was very playful and athletic and extremely tolerant and loving. when she was in the mood to play, she would stalk the toy i'd drag behind me (or the laser light) around and around the dining room table and then sprint and pounce on it and roll over in somersaults because she was going so fast. the tolerant and loving part is because whenever she had enough of something like brushing, she would always just lift her paw up in warning. she never scratched us on purpose. also very loving because it only took her a day once we let her upstairs to jump onto my chest in bed and sleep there almost every night from then on. she was also a total lap cat. she would STARE at our laps until we moved whatever was blocking her way and then snuggle right up and lay there for HOURS! my bottom half would go to sleep often because i hated to move and disturb her.

the only time she bit me was when she had a nightmare and my hand happened to be right by her mouth. she definitely drew blood and she jumped away in shock, but i cooed to her and told her it was all right and she came right back to headbutt me as if to say she was so sorry! same thing when she scared the crap out of me one night when she jumped up on my chest while i was sleeping. i lashed out and she scrathed my face but then i cooed to her again and told HER i was sorry and she came right up to me and cuddled to forgive me.

NFCs have such a beautiful coat (3 layers to keep them toasty). i always said her cute little back legs reminded me of a faun. she was a fastidious groomer and kept herself looking and feeling so soft. not a big meower was not totally quiet either.

enjoy your NFC!
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If you adopted Archie from a shelter, then it's more than likely he is neither a MCC mix nor a NFC mix. However, if you have picture of him taken from straight front and straight side (to show her head shape and profile), then we can see how close he is to a MCC or NFC :)

NFCs have such a beautiful coat (3 layers to keep them toasty).
Actually if I remember correctly, both NFC and MCC has only double layered coat. It's Siberian who has triple coat. However personally I cannot tell much difference, except that Siberians looks more fluffy ("puffed out") and the coat feels more dense than the MCC and NFC I have met.
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