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Not fleas then what?

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Hello again! My tiger has been scratching her little tail off for the past 4 days all of the sudden. I assume she has fleas even though i dont see any (we live on the 3 floor of an apt. building and she does go out on the balcony from time to time) i just figured she might have goten them from the trees maybe, i dont know, can fleas hop from the ground to the trees :? . Anyway i found something on dangerous house plants in relation to cats, and the plant i have was on the list (Philidendron,i think u spell it that way) coincidently tiger has been hanging around this plant for the past week or so, i would yell NO! and later she woud be back, i checked it out and i dont really see any bite marks, but i see where she was picking in the dirt. SOOO im wondering is she having a allergic reaction to this plant.What do you think? Bye the way she is going to the vet Sat.
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Could be an allergic reaction to something or could be fleas. You can carry fleas into your home on your clothes so it is quite possible for indoor only cats to get fleas as well. Treat her for fleas and see if that helps. Toxic plants normally have to be consumed to have an effect.
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