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Not on the bed!!! :(

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I adopted a kitty about a month and a half ago. I’ve posted previously about his biting issues that developed a few weeks after bringing him home, but all of that has pretty much subsided. He hasn’t seemed as stressed, and he is learning to be more gentile when showing affection (though he still gets a little carried away at times).

Last night, I had sat down to enjoy a relaxing evening, and then I smelled it…cat pee!!! I live in a studio apartment, but I usually cannot smell his litterbox. I clean it after I get home from work every day (and sometimes in the morning before I leave if he was particularly “active” over night). I looked at him and told him he was stinky, and then I noticed the big, wet puddle that was near the middle of my bed.

I quickly stripped the bed and washed my sheets and blankets in hot water with vinegar and baking soda (since it soaked through). Of course he had to assist in the process, happy as a clam -_-. Thankfully, all of my bedding came out clean and smelling fresh.

The mattress wasn’t wet, but it smelled (the top of my mattress cover was damp, but the bottom was dry). I grabbed the Febreze bottle that was in reach and doused the spot on the mattress (not the smartest idea, but I was in a panic!). Then it just smelled like Febreze and cat pee, so I rinsed it with water and a bit of vinegar. I dumped a bunch of baking soda on and around the spot, and I let it sit for a few hours. I vacuumed it up, along with the paw prints from when he decided it would be fun to run through it. It still smelled faintly, but I wasn’t too sure if it was from all of the stuff I put on it/if the smell was stuck in my nose. At least the smell wasn’t wafting in the air.

When I made the bed, I first laid down a thin, plastic tablecloth that I had on hand (just in case he decides to pee there again). I wasn’t able to smell anything after the bed was made, but I know that doesn’t mean that he can’t smell it. I put another tablecloth over the top of my bed this morning before I left for work – just in case. I’m going to pick up an enzyme cleaner for the mattress so I know it’s been properly cleaned. Sigh.

I’m more concerned about why this happened. The only major change that’s taken place is that I’ve been gradually changing his food from Science Diet (which he was eating at the shelter…bad I know) to Natural Balance indoor formula. I’ve been mixing them for several weeks, and he does prefer the Natural Balance. I’ve been trying to get him to eat the wet version of this food, but he will only eat the dry. He eats a bite or two, and then he meows at it loudly and tries to cover it up. He drinks a lot of water (empty bowl at night, and I top it off in the morning before I leave because he usually drinks 1/3 to ½ the bowl over night).

He’s had great litterbox manners from the night that I brought him home. I did switch his litter from cedar to clay, since the cedar was causing both of us to sneeze and it was sticking to his fur/getting everywhere. He didn’t seem to mind the switch at all. Shortly after, I got a larger box for him that has a clear lid. He’s been using it for 3 weeks without problems, so I don’t think the box itself is an issue. He did pee in the litterbox yesterday as well, and I haven’t noticed any crying/agitation/discomfort when he goes to the bathroom. He seemed normal and happy as could be last night, so I don’t know what’s up.

I’m hoping it’s not a behavioral issue. He was having little fits/seemed stressed in the days leading up to his first trip to the vet, but that’s subsided over the past month. My bed was his “safe spot” during those fits, so could it be territorial or stress-related? If so, what can I do? I put his cat bed on the corner of my bed, and he either hangs out in there or cuddles up to me – both during the day and when I’m sleeping. He usually doesn’t take issue when I try to move him from the bed, and he seems to understand it’s a space that we need to share.

Part of me feels like taking him to the vet again, but is this something I should just monitor for now since it’s only happened once (and since I took him about a month ago when he was given a clean bill of health at that time)? I’m just wondering if he’s developing a UTI (though this is the only symptom I’ve noticed), he’s being territorial, if something scared/upset him while I was gone, or if this was just a one-time accident. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated! It just wasn’t a very fun night, and I hoping this doesn’t turn into a problem L.
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At this point really anything is possible. Everyone will tell you to take him straight to the vet. Honestly though, I would wait for now and just monitor him. You wouldn't want to stress him out in case it really is stress that is causing the problem. Where is his litter box located? I've had people who keep theirs in the laundry room report that the cats have accidents on laundry days because the sounds of the machines scares them. Could this have happened with your kitty?

If it happens again, I would definitely take him in to have a urinalysis run. If you see any signs of straining, frequent trips to the litter box, or if he seems uncomfortable; go sooner.
I haven't noticed him using the litterbox more or less frequently, nor have I noticed any sort of pain or discomfort - whether whle going or otherwise. His box is located in a corner just outside of my bathroom. I'd put it in the bathroom itself, but there's not much room. If this is no longer a good location (even though it's been in the same spot from the day I brought him home), I can try to fit it in the bathroom.

If it is stree-related, what should I be doing to calm him? I usually leave some easy listening music on for him during the day (he wasn't too crazy about the classical music that I tried when he was having his stressed fits). I leave toys out for him, and he has free reign of the apartment. I thought about confining him to the bathroom today, but I didn't think that'd be very fair if it was just one of those accidents that happen. I also didn't want to further stress him out by confining him. The bathroom is also where he's been getting time outs for biting (which have thankfully been few and far between as of late).

The vet suggested using Feliway if his pacing/agitated/stressing fits didn't stop. I thought they had, but should I try using the diffuser just in case this was stress-related?

Thanks for the reply!
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Hopefully its just a one off - don't panic!

Its my worst fear, ever! I couldn't deal with a cat tolieting in the bedroom, especially on the bed!!

Similar to yours, my cat has great litterbox manners. He did once leave a nice present on the bed ... just the once, a long time ago now, and nothing ever since.

I had been doing a big cleanup, literally cleaning the whole house from top to bottom - he didn't seem stressed about it at all, I was playing without throughout (fetch/hide and seek)

Had the whole house cleaned, getting the whole *sigh* house is so clean feeling on.... and put a fresh sheet on the bed ... went out to the kitchen for a minute to unload some washing and when I came back... right on the middle of the bed... big poo 8O

He was already gone from the room, and I was too preoccupied with getting rid of it, to worry about him... so I just cleaned it up (luckily it was a good solid one!) changed the sheet and made the bed.

Never did it again. I've no idea why he did it ... my only thoughts were...

-I had been hoovering (but much earlier... and he just goes into another room and it usually doesn't upset him too much)

-I hadn't used that particular sheet since we moved from our last place (months before) but perhaps, even though it had been washed, he smelled something familiar?

He sleeps in the bed every night, so it was really out of character for him, and thankfully, hasn't happened since.

One little acident wouldn't have me running to the vet so long as nothing else is amiss. Just keep a close eye :)
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Thankfully I arrived home to find nothing amiss. He used only his litterbox.

All seems to be normal so far, and he's had a nice day of playing, cuddles, and napping. Since all seems well, I'm hoping it was just a random accident.

Thanks for the reply, Korat. I'm hoping this little episode was just a one-time thing as well.
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