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Warning: photo is quite disturbing!! [REMOVED]

I noticed twice in a week some really strange stuff on my carpet can not determine if its from my cat or she bought home with her.

My cat is mostly an outdoor cat she only usually comes to to eat and snooze.

I initially thought she pooed herself but her bum looked clean and doesnt look like shes in pain or anything. And when I picked it up the texture feels like intestine and not poo like. There is also blood around the strange stuff.

Anyone has any idea what this might be and what I can do to stop this, do I need to take my cat to the vet?
My previous indoor outdoor cat ( who had been a stray kitten, starving, on his own) would bring home mice, baby bunnies and other creatures. He would eat them on the patio often, but would pull out the intestines and leave it. (I kept a special brush and bucket for these moments.) Could be that, but certainly good to check it out.
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