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Odd Drooling

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My new foster is drooling. Not the drippy kind of "happy drooling", it accumulates around his mouth and is a bit thick. I had him on Baytril for 5 days and it did not stop. Have been trying to get a good look into his mouth to see if maybe there is a tooth problem. So far everything looks just fine.
Does this sound like something that is indicative of a greater problem, or could it just be his natural way?
I had another foster from our group look at him and she thought he looked fine.
Just don't know.
Any ideas, thoughts welcomed
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In my experience "thick" drooling usually indicates something going on in the mouth, a sore or ulcer, a bad tooth, or gum problem. Best to have a vet check it out.
I'd have a vet take a look. Excessive drooling is often indicative of some sort of oral problem, and it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do a thorough oral exam on a conscious cat.

Thank you ladies. That is what I am thinking too. Now to get board approval. sigh.
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