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? of going to the animal shelter

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As i mentioned in a previous post, my friend died. I am looking for a home for Screech. I posted at a local grocery store that Karl had 3 geese that needed a home, free geese. Well it took only 2 days and I had two people call. A very nice, gentle guy took the geese but trying to find a home for Screech is going to be hard. I went to the local animal shetler and they have a waiting list, not surprising. They did take my name and stuff but I'm not hopeful on this. Of course I spoke to the cats at the shelter and found a very nice cat but, thankfully, she has found a home but I felt so sorry for the other cats. One was very hissful because she came from a hoarder. So sad. If I could I would take her, but I can't.

I knew this would happen when Karl died but i didn't expect him to die until 5 years from now. There are 2 local shelters that are for cats and no kill sheltesr so I will call them soon. One of the shelters links up senior people with senior cats. I'm not in too much of a hurry. He can stay at Karl's house until the house is sold, which will probably take a year for it to go through the court system. It just doesn't seem fair.

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Can you contact a cat rescue in your area? I had a puppy I was no longer to keep and contacted the local shelter and asked them to put him on petfinder. In 2 days I had 5 calls. After a long and hard decision I found a perfect home for him and get emails from them to give me up-dates.
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