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New to the community, but I've owned cats all my life; current owner of 2. Thing is, I got a kitten this summer, and I haven't had one of those since I was a child myself. I can tell you everything you want to know about caring for senior with kidney problems (my 18 yr old boy Loki); I even learned how to give him subcutaneous fluids because sometimes he gets dehydration problems due to digestion issues. But a kitten? I now have one a little over six months, a girl named Freya. My vet specializes in cats - they're literally all she takes care of - and has been very helpful, but I have a lot of less pressing questions about the new baby I don't feel the need to call her up about. So I figured ya'll might have some input.

My old man Loki (who is very sweet, and not very clever, and doesn't live up to his name at all:
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The new baby Freya who also very sweet, needs to be held ALL THE TIME, and is basically a bundle of nonsensical kitten mayhem:

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