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Obviously I'm new here...

I've never actually really owned a cat (apart from a ginger stray I named Cinders for a few weeks before it had to be put to sleep when I was about eight)... because I'm allergic. :(

Well, I've been dying to keep one since about forever so I was astounded to find that Siberian cats are hypo-allergenic. I visited a breeder a few weeks ago and didn't have a reaction despite being in a room of ~14, so I go to pick up my beautiful boy in less than two weeks time, and I'm so excited. :)

I'm a 23yo computer science graduate and web developer from the south of England. I live with my cat-obsessed best friend in a way too big for just the two of us Victorian terrace house. Other hobbies include speaking/studying Japanese (ohayou means g'morning :p), Geocaching, browsing the internet, playing computer games and waving at trains.
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