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I spent the day at the shelter today (it was our non-public day). Again, shorthanded, so I spent a couple of hours cleaning up after my usual band of whacko cats (one condo had both food bowls, water bowl, and litterbox overturned, and not five minutes after I finished cleaning, feeding, and recaging the cats, I hear a horrendous clatter and see one very innocent-looking black DSH sitting on the shelf with food everywhere :roll: ). Then I scrubbed litterpans, bowls, buckets, and the usual sort of stuff.

Then it was time to sedate and demat my big rowdy DLH buddy, which I've been pushing for doing a couple of weeks now. Amazing...unconscious, he is the sweetest cat imaginable! :lol: (also very heavy!!) Such a sweet face, I just adore him all to pieces...I ended up with enough matted fur and pulled undercoat to knit myself a kitten. We also managed to clean out his ears, trim his claws, and check his teeth while he was out. Then we dematted (all over her belly) and bathed another of my favorites, a teensy little DLH. We didn't want to risk knocking her out for all this (she's so small), but she was a real trooper. Poor little girl even had mats on her paws! She probably won't speak to us for weeks, but she looks a million times better than she did before we started.

And my sad little declaw had some thyroid and other tests done today by the visiting vet. She decided to stop eating again, but I coaxed her into nibbling some Wellness dry, then came home and cooked up a batch of homemade food to take in tomorrow, see if that will tempt her to eat something (Assumpta declared it "passable, but stinky" in a taste-test, and my husband described it as "no worse than what you get in most finger sandwiches"). Declaw cuddled up to me and gave me kisses while I was hand-feeding her, and as soon as I went to do something else, she proceeded to chew up her cage card into tiny pieces, just for fun...I hope we can get her well and to a forever home, she is such a fantastic cat!

It isn't very often that I get to spend this much time with all my personal favorites (just the luck of the schedule this week), and I learned a lot about cat wrangling, too (I've never actually been in on bathing a cat before...quite a fascinating process that will NOT be trying at home!). Really felt like part of a team doing something worthwhile instead of fighting a neverending tide of cat poop while a big growly cat gnaws on my ankles.

So, when I said you get the good moments that help you through, I guess I was telling the truth. :)
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