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older cat throwing up 3 times in one day

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the older cat i have is 14 years old and today she threw up a lot all over the house but we think it might be hairballs cause there was hair in it. For three days they have been on a new food the blue buffalo grain free freedom which is indoor so it says helps with hairballs could it be the food or something else?
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Assuming that she is acting normal otherwise and that it's shedding season, I would assume that a hairball is brewing and give her a dose of hairball remedy or some canned pumpkin. If it persists and/or she starts acting ill, then a vet visit is needed.

I think a hairball is more likely than the food.
At 14 yrs old, even a cat who appears perfectly healthy should be having full blood chemistry, CBC, and Total T4 blood tests run at least once a year. If your cat hasn't had those tests run within the last year, now would be a great time to have them done, esp. in light of her current vomiting episodes.

she is acting fine and it is shedding season cause she has long hair she looks like sassy from homeward bound and the dogs are shedding along with the younger cat
Has she kept any food down since yesterday? If yes, then I don't see any emergency on your hands. But, as Laurie said, if she hasn't had any senior bloodwork done recently...that is something you should do in the near term.
yes she has kept the food down. Before when we had her on the other food she would have hairballs but like once awhile nothing like yesterday.
My cats will sometimes vomit up food a few times before bringing up a huge hairball. In fact Holly did that this week...she vomited a part of her meal 3 times over 3-4 days before she finally brought up a huge wad of hair...ironically with no food at all.
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