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Hi Everyone,

My name is Amanda I posted this on the introduction page but I guess it kind of belongs here instead! I have owned 4 cats, Misty, Patches, Cali and now a handsome 9 month old tabby named Oliver - Oli for short, he named himself!

In September I was at the pet store picking up crickets for my lizard and as I walked around the corner there were two kittens in a cage, I had never seen cats at this particular pet store before. At first I got a little upset because my last cat had past away a few weeks earlier, as I walked passed the cage one of the kittens stuck his paw out to grab me and a thought "Awwww NUTS, suckered in by his cuteness!" I read a little bit about them they were from the OSPCA and needed to be adopted.

I left the store kitten-less but could not stop thinking about the little guy. I had recently told my boyfriend that I didn't want another cat for a long time so when I told him about this little guy he said "NO CATS!"

A few days later I went back to the store to see if he was still there, HE WAS! I asked one of the girls about him and she said one of them was already adopted, my heart sank a little, but thankfully it was the other one. I tell my boyfriend that this kitten and I are meant to be together and after much convincing he finally gave in and I adopted him the next day!

I could not decide on a name so a day or two after I adopted him he was playing around with my cell phone and when I took it away he had "typed" "Oli" so that was that! That is the story of Oliver!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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