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We adopted a beautiful, loveable shelter cat last summer, Chloe, (believed to be a Tiffany cat 5-7years old, female), about 3 months after our oldest cat (18 years) passed away. We introduced the new cat into our home with one other Himalayan (12 years old, female). It took about a month for the cats to get along, but now they play and interact normally.

Almost immediately after bringing her home Chloe started peeing on the couch and beds. Here are a few of the things we have tried so far that come to mind:
  • Vet to test for any/all possible reasons (kidney, UTI, bladder...etc)
  • Prozac (took her off after 3mos b/c it didn't work)
  • Changed litter
  • Changed litter box (covered and uncovered)
  • Moved litter box
  • Clean litter box daily
  • Bought multiple litter boxes
  • Covering beds/couch with plastic tarps DAILY (she will still pee on the plastic)
  • Placing her food dishes on our beds/couch
  • Playing with her on the beds/couch
  • Giving treats to her everytime she leaves the litter box
  • Had everything she peed on professionally cleaned and urine treated
  • Air scents/infusers to calm cats
  • Nearly every brand of spray/pheromone/calming stuff on the market:
    • DumbCat
    • FeliAway
    • The Attract Cat litter and pellets
    • and everything else you could imagine
We recently moved and got rid of the couch and floor rug because they were beyond salvageable. I have been covering my couch and beds every morning/night with plastic tarps for a full year. (Having guests over is embarassing b/c you can't leave the room for even 10 minutes without covering things up). We initally thought it was provoked byt the scent from our cat that passed away. But two days, after moving into the new home, (no couch) she continued peeing on the new beds - while we were sleeping in them and when we were away.

While I know moving is stressful there is no reason she shouldn't have stopped peeing on everything before - I would be okay with her peeing on a bed a time or two after we moved actually - but we have been in the new place for two weeks and now have the beds covered with plastic again and she is peeing on the plastic and twice in the bed while we were sleeping. We are not buying a couch (so sitting in camping chairs) until she either stops peeing or we ulitmately have to give her back.

She uses the litter box when she wants to, she always poops in the litter box, and occassionally pees there, but she just won't stop peeing everywhere else.

We are now working with a cat behaviorist to try to fix the problem, but we are at our wits end and -- I NEVER thought I would say this -- might have to consider giving her back. I never thought it would be an option, when you adopt an animal I believe you should be in it for the long haul, but this is creating a huge financial and emotional burden on me and my family.

She is the most adorable cat ever she snuggles and plays and loves to be loved and that is all we want to do, is give her all the love and affection she can possible handle, but I am starting to feel like I am being held hostage to her.

Please help! I can't imagine not having her in our family, but right now I can't imagine a future with her in our family.
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