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Well, I got home from work today and let the dogs out back like I always do. About 2 seconds after I let them out, I notice a black streak 8O
It turns out, when I let them out, there was a black cat in the back corner of the yard. The poor thing came tearing towards me with 2 dogs close on it's heels. It got to the fence and jumped but missed the first time. Now Guinness is RIGHT there. I don't know how it managed but it sprung back up as soon as it hit the ground and cleared the fence. Apparently unscathed. I went out front but couldn't find it anywhere.

Now, my dogs are used to cats, their cats, and basically leave them alone. But outside cats have always been barked at pretty badly. I don't know what would've happened if they got ahold of it. I honestly don't think the dogs know what they would've done either. They weren't barking or growling, but definately chasing.
Once the cat was gone, and I finally got them to hear me again, I swear they went deaf while chasing the poor thing :oops: I put them in a down stay to look over the fence to make sure the cat got away.

Well, hopefully the poor thing will stay out of my yard from now on. It probably had no idea since the dogs are never outside if I'm not home. Although, you'd think it would've smelled that there have been dogs in the yard!

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