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:oops: How embarassing!

I'm Melissa (I just use the screenname Payge). I'm 25, divorced from an evil man I married too young, and engaged to a saint now named Patrick. Though im pretty traumatized from my first marriage so we aren't planning on getting married any time soon, maybe in ten years or so. Im the 7th of 8 children (4 boys 4 girls) and don't get along well at all with anyone in my family but my sister Pam who adopted two beautiful gray kitties from her local animal shelter last year.

I love interior design, am addicted to fish and aqauriums which is why I can't have any, if I got one pretty soon my apartment would be filled with 10 50 gallon tanks.

Lets see....I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, my parents are American though so I have duel citizenship. I hate being cold (go figure) and I love North Carolina, hope Nevada doesn't freeze my pants off in the winter! Im very creative, and get bored easily which is bad especially since im unemployed right now (have a job waiting for me in Nevada though) Oh yeah and im moving to Nevada in 11 days.

My fiance Patrick is 24, we met two and a half years ago in an online game called Everquest, and I actually hated him when we first met :lol: It actually took a year before I even considered him a friend, but soon(VERY soon) after that we fell in love, he flew out from Reno to meet me two weeks later, and less than two weeks later when he left we had already rented an apartment together and he drove back to Charlotte a month after that and we moved in together. I have never regretted it for one minute, he is so wonderful and sweet, we never argue, and yes we are one of those annoying couples that finishes each others sentences, always holds hands, and generally makes you feel ill about how cute we are .(sorry!)

Our cats are our babies, we spend more money on them than we do on ourselves hehe. I won't go into detail cause I know most of you know all about Envy(pretty girl) and Chaos(fancy face).
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