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oregano oil for gum disease

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has anyone tried diluting oregano oil and rubbing it on your cat's gums? My cat has a bit of inflammation, not worth a cleaning per the vet.
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Cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils. I would not give oregano oil, not that I think a cat would let you get it anywhere near their mouth, even if it's significantly cut...

I'd try raw chicken wings or necks. Or if you want something more traditional a couple products that get decent reviews are Proden Plaque Off or Petzlife gel. Or trying brushing with a pet toothpaste.
Ditto. Essential oils can be deadly for cats. I wouldn't risk it!
A Q-tip's worth of hydrogen peroxide would be all right, or a one-time application of colloidal silver as a water suspension (very diluted, not gel) if you can find it at a health food store...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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