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When I first got him, his eyes had lots of brownish discharge, they looked like tears that were just leaking out the corners of his eyes and drying, so I kept him clean with a warm cloth, and this went away after about two weeks, and he was squinting quite often.

But lately, he ALWAYS has his one eye squinting, always. And today he is squinting with both eyes most of the time, but there is no discharge, redness or swelling, so what I'm wondering is, does he have an eye infection even though the squinting is the only symptom, or is he just weird and likes to squint?

I'm hoping you guys can help me out with this, because if it is serious then I guess I'll have to spend the 40 bucks and take him to the vet tomorrow (tomorrow is the one day of the week the vet comes to town) but if this is just the way my kitty is, then I don't really want to spend the 40 bucks that I can't really afford to spend...
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