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Hi All,

New poster here. We have a 9 year old black and white male cat we named Onyx. He's probably the best cat I've ever owned. Even tempered, loves to play, great with our kids and our dog, etc.

He had crystals in his urine a couple of years back, but thankfully putting him on a special diet (Royal Canin Urinary SO 33 iirc) has kept them from re-occurring so far and he's been ok since.

We got him 2 years after we got our dog (an American Eskimo) and they are the best of friends. They only seem to play to show off when we have company over, but we've caught them snuggling together a few times.

Recently we got a new puppy (german short-haired pointer) for the kids and initially Onyx was apprehensive (to the point where he would hiss on sight of the puppy LOL), but he is getting along fairly well with her now (although we have to reprimand the puppy and keeper her from playing too roughly with Onyx).

Anyway, I joined to ask a medical question, but I will wait until I've been properly vetted here. :p
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