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Hey everyone. Me and my college roommate of 3 years now where never big cat people. In fact i will freely admit I disliked cats for the better part of my life. The effects of growing up in a 3rd world country I suppose. Anyways to make a long story short we love cats now and currently have two. Dublin (Dubsies) a rather large 2yo piebald DSH and our newest addition, Mila a 5 month old who I am convinced is at least part Korat. Dublin is super laid back but doesn't care much for other cats. We have had Mila since Thursday and just let her out as soon as we got home. He would hiss at her but nothing more. Now he basically just ignores her haha. Its truly amazing comparing sizes especially because Dublin is the biggest DSH i have ever come across. The difference in their coats is also striking as Mila does not shed ever while D sheds to put it mildly a lot. Anyways just wanted to introduce us as I am a long time lurker who has learned a lot on these forums. Now some pics are in order.

ImageUploadedByPG Free1350876442.677092.jpg

ImageUploadedByPG Free1350876463.505632.jpg

ImageUploadedByPG Free1350876493.250572.jpg

ImageUploadedByPG Free1350876572.674892.jpg

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