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Hi everyone! I'm the owner of a 4 months old female Scottish fold. She is a very gentle and cuddly kitten, who was successfully brought in the house 2 weeks ago.
Since 2 days ago we have experiencing some issues which we cannot explain: 2 days ago she vomited quite a bunch of food, pretty solid and without a flinch she got back to playing. From there she ate little to no wet food and focused on dry and water. Yesterday we woke up to a pretty soft poop just in front of the litter box, we cleaned it up with what we have at home. From there, she kept trying to poop in the same spot, while going to the litter autonomously for peeing. This morning once again, almost liquid poop in front of the box (she even lifted a small carpet we put there to discourage the spot)..
Is she pooping there because of the smell (I'll try getting an enzymatic cleaner today) or because she somehow wants to notify she's not 100% well?
We should bring her to the vet next week but might consider anticipating if there could be an health concern.
Any suggestion or comment? She doesn't seem sick at all apart from these poop-vomit episodes
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