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outdoor to indoor conversion

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My name is Jessica and I am searching for help with my dear black cat named Maxwell.:blackcat I will be moving soon and it is likely my indoor/outdoor cat will have to become an indoor cat. Here's the full story: I adopted maxwell from a former roommate who did not want him when she moved out of my apartment. At the time he was 2-3 years old and an indoor only cat- except when he escaped onto the roof of the apartment building. He was constantly urinating inappropriately (anything soft or made of textiles was the target). I took him to the vet and nothing was wrong. I tried everything I could find on the internet (multiple boxes, phermones, cat attracting litter etc.) to no avail. At one point he managed to thoroughly saturate a futon mattress in a room we rarely went in.
Finally, after a year of craziness, I had to move to a new home. In the new home he destroyed both of my landlords recliners with urine. After a month of peeing on more soft stuff, I let him become an indoor/outdoor cat (the house has a huge yard) and everything changed for the better. He stopped peeing inside, became better socialized and looked healthier. The only time he pees inappropriately inside is when he isn't feeling well. He does use his litter box on occasion when it is too rainy outside.
I am planning to move later in the month. I live in San Francisco and finding a house with a yard is incredibly hard, so there's a good chance that Maxwell will have to learn to live indoors again. I've read the indoor to outdoor conversion tips online but none of them address this particular problem. I will never give Maxwell away but I am terrified of constantly finding pee soaked articles in my home again. Has anyone else ever had to deal with this? Any ideas?
Thanks so much for your time!
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I've never had this problem with any cat that I've had. However, I do know that some male cats do this a lot. Is Maxwell neutered? If not, perhaps that might be something to look into. Where did your ex-roommate get him? If he was a stray or found outside, this may be difficult to eradicate. Outdoor cats (feral) are difficult to litterbox train. I have a friend who rescues kittens that have been dumped outside and they are difficult to socialize as well as to litterbox-train. She also has a fixed male cat who will pee on her bed or furniture if he is upset or nervous about something. There is a spray you can buy that repels cats from urinating on things, but it sounds like you've tried everything.
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