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Hello all, I'm lost with how to help my cat - what can be done? :0

I got a beautiful cat about 3 years ago, she was confident, affectionate and kitten-like in her playfulness (5 yrs old). About 5 months ago my sister started feeding another cat and as we all know, she decided this was home.

We kept bonnie inside for the first couple of years, with a spacious catio and playtime, but due to seriously excessive overgrooming we decided maybe we should let her out.

So we did, and realised soon after that the main cause may be this other cat, who is much bigger and is here 24/7. She's dominated the garden... She's pretty sweet and nice to Bonnie (my cat), but Bonnie hates her and hisses when she comes close.

I have tried to find the owner and am waiting for cats protection to call me back to see if she needs rehoming, but until then I don't know how to help little Bonnie. She's not the same cat anymore, she doesn't play, hates attention and looks like she's so sick - took her to the vets and they tried anti anxiety meds to break the habit - didn't work... She never comes down from the dining room table now (must feel safe)

I feel like we've tried all, it must be this other cat. It's open ended but does anyone have any advice on how I can help her? I feel so bad, I love this cat so much :( below = before and now :(
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