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Ow! Love hurts!

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OK, so I love my little year-old tuxedo kitty more than just about anything except my family, but he's developed an interesting way of showing his affection that is leaving me shredded to ribbons...

When I come home from work, he'll meow at me until I pick him up. At that point he'll climb up on my shoulder, drape himself around my neck, and sit there, purring in my ear and rubbing his head against my cheek. THAT's fine. It's really sweet. But eventually he gets excited and starts walking around on my shoulders, and if I put him down before he's had enough, he'll find a way to jump back up on my shoulder, back, or head, and of course, he'll use his claws for purchase. So not only do I have the shock of suddenly being slammed in the back by the Amazing Flying Kitty, but my neck, back, and torso now have a few more holes than I would like.

I know he means well, and he only wants to cuddle, but I'm starting to get a bit paranoid. I never know when I'm gonna be Kitty tackled. (Sometimes he gives me a fair warning meow, but mostly it's WHAM! Cat to the head!

Is this normal? And can I do anything to redirect his affection? So far the only thing I've done that seems to work is to get down on my hands and knees and let him crawl around on my back, rub on my head, and knead my backside, or just generally do whatever suits him. It's not very dignified, though. Oh well. Who needs dignity when you have Kitty Love?
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I would love to have a cat that liked to sit on my shoulder. Luckily, I don't because Sabby weighs close to 20 pounds!

If you want to stop him from jumping on your shoulder, you might start by discouraging him being on your shoulder at all. When he climbs up there, immediately put him on the ground. Don't toss him or anything, obviously. If he jumps, spray him with a water bottle.
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