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I typically travel one week each year to visit my daughter in the U.K., plus I travel 3-4 days at a time, a few times each year, for business. The cats are fine when I'm gone, although I can't help but worry about them and wonder what they're doing.

One thing that helps a lot is if your cat sitter would e-mail you daily to let you know what's going on, who said what, how the kitty played today, or whatever, just to remind you that they're getting a visitor and probably having a good time with them. I think most pet sitters would be willing to do that.
I agree with this suggestion. I recently hired a new cat sitter, who sends me daily e-mails reporting on the girls' activities. It really helps to ease my mind when I'm away. Also, receiving those e-mails means I don't constantly worry about whether or not the sitter remembered to stop by.
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