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I'm sure I've asked already but as the time of us going on our holiday is approaching I'm worrying more and more about my guys. We're away for a week and we have a professional pet minder coming twice a day, she comes highly recommended (she actually does doggy day care and she walks the dogs outside where I work and I can tell she's fantastic with them), she'll feed, change litter, make sure they're okay etc. Most days I'll have someone like my mother or sister coming in just to sit with them and put on the tv to make them feel a bit normal.

I'm still worried about them, particularly Gordon. He's nearly 2 and he's still our baby (even though we have a younger cat too, she's quite independent). He runs to us when we get in from work and rolls over to have his belly rubbed and really seems to miss us. He's the kind of cat that will come looking for you if he wakes up from a nap and you've moved, he's a little sweetheart and I'm worried having us gone for a week will really upset him and possibly change him. Does anyone have any advice or reassurance or experience? The other 2 I think will be grand, they play and sleep, very rarely will actively look for attention and have always been like that.
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