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The rescue I volunteer/foster with has had a young cat fall prey to this.
We pulled 7 cats all from the same "shelter" within 4 days (2 one day, 5 two days later).
These cats went to 3 different homes. I have two of them.
One cat became ill and was taken to the vet ...turned out to be Panleuk. We lost him. He was about 8 months old. :(

I happened to be the one to do transport for all 7 of these cats. I am currently in the process of trying to clean my house and car and carriers.

My newbies were isolated- one in my "cat room" and one in the largest bathroom.
Unfortunately, I began integrating them into the household this past weekend. I found out about the sick kitty- yesterday.
My kits appear to be ok so far. I have re-isolated them.

Aside from cleaning and disinfecting all litterboxes, food dishes, carriers, etc. What else can I do? Yes, they have been in a room with carpet, and yes, they have been on soft furniture.
If they do not get sick is it ok for me to wait on a steam cleaning for carpets and furniture or do I need to do this ASAP?
I want to do everything possible to make sure there is no lingering virus here in my home or car.

I do have three of my own cats- all are up to date on vaccines. I also have one foster who has been in the PetSmart habitat since before the new arrivals-- he is coming home Saturday(also UTD)

Anyone have any hints, tips, instructions for making sure I don't get any future fosters contaminated from something in my home?


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Sorry to hear about the little ones passing. Panleuk is the virus that the Parvo virus in dogs came from (its a mutation) so environmental precautions are similar. The cat would have to have been shedding virus in your environment for it to be present there. Panleuk doesn't start shedding until after diarrhea is present. So if they aren't showing symptoms, or don't start showing symptoms, you are probably fine. You didn't state how old the other cats are that were pulled (The one that passed was a kitten, but are the others?) Kittens and older cats are going to be more susceptable.

Your cats and the other fosters who have been vaccinated are unlikely to become ill. That Panleuk vaccine is very effective and long lasting.

As for what kills panleuk virus, you need a virucidal. Bleach will work on washable things, litterboxes, bowls, bedding and such. Steam is unlikely to be effective. This virus can live on surfaces for months to years. But again, if these cats aren't showing signs, then you won't have virus shedding. To be safe, I would keep them in places where all surfaces are washable. They make fancy cleaners you can get online. if it is labled to kill parvo, it will kill panleuk.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your fosters!

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thanks Kobster for taking the time to answer.

I pulled a total of 7 cats - one of mine is about 4 months old, the other is around 1-2 years. The one that passed was I'd guess 8 months. One cat was a senior- around 13 years old, the other three somewhere in the 1-3 year range.
These cats were all housed in the same tiny city animal pound. It is a very small area with no quarantine room, no vaccinations given, etc. The animals are simply sheltered, fed, watered until a few licky ones get adopted,or rescues pull. This is a very high kill shelter.
We do not know if any of the cats had diahrrea at the time of pull- the shelter said they believed them to all be healthy, but I really question the "new" help they have hired.
It is quite possible that any one of the cats housed there was shedding the virus, and quite possible the help didn't take propeer precautions.

The cat that became ill and passed was pulled from the pound on January 30th. Two of the 7 were pulled on Jan 26. All were present together in that pound for at least a week.

Cat became ill Feb 5-6

The two at my house still appear fine. No diahrrea, eating and drinking well, no vomiting.
I am wondering how long I need to keep them isolated.
From what I have been reading, it appears the sick cat will shed the virus 2-3 days before symptoms, so my two would not have been around him then (pulled on 30th and went directly to new foster homes)
I am seeing reports of a 14 day incubation period. So, I am guessing any of the shelter cats could have been carrying/shedding and passed this to our ill cat- or our currently "well" cats.

If I am adding all this up correctly, I am thinking my cats should be ok after the 14th day following pull and transport ?????

they are each currently isolated in separate rooms so I can check the litter boxes and know whose is whose-LOL
My cat iso room "I thought" was good, but upon further reading I see I need to take out the small cat condo I have in there- it's carpeted. There's also a piece of carpet in the closet which has been made into a cat "fun house". I'll have to get rid of thet. The other cat is the 4 month old and she is in the largest bathroom- all sterile in there.

I want to make sure that I don't put them together too soon, but I hate having them isolated for so long. they did get vaccinated the day they came home and will get their next shots when time comes.

My own cats are fully vetted and *should* be just fine from what I read.

Is my thinking correct on the timing, or am I still befuddled. One gal said I needed to keep them isolated until Feb 28 ?


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It is three weeks today that one of the fosters was removed from the pound with the ill cat. He is around 2 years old and seems quite healthy. He is chomping at the bit to get out of isolation.

Do you think it safe for me to let him out into the rest of the house ? (I'd hate to have to re-sterilize everything if I'm not waiting long enough)

It will be three weeks for my 4-5 month old foster on Monday. She developed URI and I have been treating for that.

they will get their second vaccination next week.
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