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Peanut doesn't have much of an appetite...

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Peanut doesn't have much of an appetite today. She seems fine otherwise and is doing okay on her milk (drank about 1 1/2 Tbsp this afternoon, but isn't touching her wet food. :( Should I be worried or is it normal to have a day here and there they just don't want to eat, like we do? If she were a bit older, I wouldn't worry at all, but at approximately 4 wks, I'm still nervous when she doesn't eat. She also seems like she's a bit more sleepy today. She woke up around 7 am, but by 9 am, was back in her bed on her own. We were then gone most of the morning and so I'm not sure what she did while we were gone. When we came home, she drank from her bottle then curled up by me on the bed while I was watching a movie and slept. Then she played for maybe an hr or two and was back sleeping. After sleeping about 2 hrs, I finally woke her up around 8:30 pm, so she'd be up for a little while before we go to bed, so she didn't decide to be up all night, when we were trying to sleep. Does this all sound normal, or should I be concerned?

On a side note, she will be getting more from her bottle 1-2 times yet before going to bed for the night.
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Can overeating one day, cause loss of appetite and puking the next day? Last Monday Peanut ate really well, especially in the later afternoon/early evening. Then Tuesday morning she ended up puking. Then she seemed much better by a few hrs later and has been fine since. Yesterday she seemed to have a "big eating" day and now today she hasn't seemed like she wanted to eat all day and has been sleepy. Now tonight she puked just a little. I had just tried feeding her, her bottle and she had only drank a few sips, then a few minutes later puked, so I didn't even try anymore. She didn't puke a lot, maybe a puddle in my hand about the size of a 1/2 dollar? (I was holding her and my hand was the only thing to keep it from just landing on my lap). I put her in the carrier for night (Normally she sleeps in the bathroom to keep her contained to a smaller more kitten proofed area, rather than run of the house, but still room to move about) and the carrier in our room in case she gets sick again so I can keep a close eye on her. Seems like everytime I think she's finally doing really well, she has a set-back like this. :(
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