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Pebbles joins a cat election!

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Hi everyone!

My Pebbles entered a cat election on a dutch site! So we have a little request...Would you please vote for her by sending an e-mail to this address [email protected] and make sure Pebbles is your subject!
Or go to this site and vote for Pebbles
then push the ok-button and a new window will appear and write Pebbles as your subject and SEND...

Pebbles and myself are very gratefull if you all would vote for her!

Thx in advance!
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I've you don't know what to do or you're just can vote for Pebbles everyday for this month ! :oops: :oops:

And who wants to enter their cat for the election of november can count on my votes! The price is an award that you can put on your site!

thank you!!
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