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I have 2 neutered male cats (1 yo), siblings from a shelter. They pee all the time outside the box and also mark near the doors. Cat 1 has crystals and a special diet and now on anxiety meds. The vet said his health doesn't explain the continued behavior. We have tons of toys, we play with them every day, 3 litter boxes with Dr Elsey litter, shelves, scratching post and vertical stuff... nothing seems to help.
Today: Cat 2 comes back from the patio and his first action marking near the door
I play with cat 1 with a laser while he is in a high area near the ceiling, pee on the shelve.
I really had it and don't know what else to do..
Happy to hear any advice

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Hi Picachu,

Are there any kitties outside - either strays or neighbors' kitties who might be wandering by?

Or were there any kitties living in your house who might have peed or marked, and they're smelling that?

Be sure to clean up their pee wherever it is with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle; otherwise, kitties will still be able to smell their pee and be attracted back to the same places.

I'm assuming kitty 2 has been checked for a UTI as well? I've never had a kitty with crystals, but I think it can be painful, in which case pain could be causing litterbox avoidance.

A few things you could try that I've learned here worked for some kitties:

- Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter, or the additive they make that you can sprinkle on top of regular litter.
- Putting a layer of soil over the litter.
- Taking out the litter and just putting puppy pee pads in the box.

If it's anxiety:

- A plug-in pheromone diffuser.
- A calming collar. My vet swore by NurtureCalm.
- Anti-anxiety homeopathic drops, like Bach's Rescue Remedy or HomeoPet's Anxiety Relief, in the food or water.

And, to make your life manageable, put pee pads around the box where they tend to pee.
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