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Hello! Well i have had my cat Neko for about two years......when i lived with my parents she went in the litter box....then i moved in with my bf and his cat.......we had two litter boxes and she was fine for about 6 months....then she started peeing on the rug right outside of her litter box......then we took the rug away because it was ruined. Then she was fine for a little while and we just noticed yesterday that she had been peeing on the bathroom rug!!!!!! :x I dont know what her obsession is with rugs but it is getting on my nerves!!!! Is it because she dosent like the litter box anymore? I have had both of them for about a year...or could it be the litter? i have used the same litter ever scince i have had her......OR could it be that the litter box isnt clean enough for her??? the other cat goes in it fine.....what do you think?
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A dirty litter box is the #1 most common cause of litter box avoidance. Might be time to get a new one (the plastic can hold a lot of odors), and keep it especially clean.

Many cats find bathroom rugs to be a "pee magnet." Sometimes you just can't have them. However, her liking for rugs might also be a signal that she isn't crazy about the litter. Try a soft scoopable unscented type. Also, if the cat is declawed or overweight, try using just an inch or so of litter instead of making it real deep.

For other suggestions see articles on "Litterbox Secrets" in our free library:

Dr. Jean
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