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I came home from work 3 weeks ago to a poor cat in dyer pain. He wouldnt move and was litterally leaking urine out of himself. Figured he had a really bad UTI, and took him immediately to the vet. Turns out he actually has some genetic deformations in his anatomy and his urethra is narrow and blocked.

He had a perineal urethrostomy surgery done. It is now 2 weeks post op and he seems to be able to go alright. Hes not quite his normal self, but he is basically locked in a bathroom by himself when we arent home. We have other cats who try and help him rip his stitches out so we have to constantly watch him. He wears one of those fantastic pet cones so he cant remove them himself.

Others with similar experiences, how long did it take before the cat could go on his own constantly? Does it ever get to a point where u dont have to check to make sure he peed at least once a day? This is extra hard with multple cats.

Any suggestions for post op care?
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