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Periodic vet check-ups?

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Do you go for general check-ups? If so, how often? And what does the vet check?

I ask because in my country it's customary to go to the vet only if there's a problem, check-ups are hardly heard of, and vets themselves discourage them.
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My guys go for a yearly. They get whatever shots they are going to get (if any). The vet listens to their heart/lungs. Palpates them. Looks at their teeth and eyes. Asks how and what they are eating. Checks their coat. Starting this year MowMow will be getting a full blood workup yearly (he turns 8ish next month..ish). My vet usually offers to snip their nails while they are there but all the times I'd already done them.
So for under 7 y/o, it'd be:


Anything else?
I think it varies. Most people I know only go in once a year for their shots and a quick look-over, and if they are sick of course. I know a lot of people add a bit more visits and tests when they get older, but I've never heard of any one age, or amount of visits. Mowmow does sound to be on the ball, though. A good example. :)
Sounds about right. We go yearly also or if there is a problem. The other thing they check is weight and they comb them for fleas as well. With Egypt, she usually gets her anal glands expressed. When I take the other cats, Azalia is now due, I usually take Egypt as well so she can get her glands done.
same as mow mow except i take my old kitty every 6-8 months. i think over 8 is considered geriatric, so @8-10 they'd start doing bloodwork for baseline things like hyperthyroidism, which is very common and treatable. the treatment ranges from $1300+ to $35 a month. my vet checks kidney function, liver enzymes, all that good stuff. however often you want to take an older cat is up to you, but they often catch things early enough to treat (just like going for regular pap smears, mammograms and *gasp* the dreaded 'oscopy. fortunately that's just once every 10 years.)

it's just well-kitty exams, kind of like well-baby visits.
My cats are only 1 year old and they just got their first vaccine boost. Their next vaccine will be 3 years later. I'm not planning to bring them in for annual checkup. My cats really don't do well with driving. Meatball gets so nervers in the car that she starts panting like dog. Metoo has slight car sickness and there was once she peed in the carrier. So I don't want them to go through these unless absolutely necessary.

I think if they have health issue, I should notice most of them prior to the vet check. Of course there are ones like early stage tumor that I won't notice, but I doubt my vet will catch those with regular checkup (no blood test or ultrasound). I will get them annual blookwork when they get old (after 10 years old).
I usually take mine in every year, but I'm looking for a new vet right now. I'm not concerned because they're indoor kitties and in great health. I think their annuals are due in June.
Yearly (rabies vaccination required) unless I perceive a problem of course.
Three years rabies vaccination not safe, IMHO.
When she is at the vets, I have the vet look at her anal glands (tend to be full and need expressed) and have her nails clipped. And perhaps extol the virtues of a raw diet. Look ma vet, no gingivitus.
Mia will go for yearly vaccinations and rabies at a place called Paw Pals about 45 miles from us. They will do them for free due to my income. They also have a program for if you ever have to take your cat to the evet.

I will take her in once a year to see a vet for just an exam ($35 here). I think its good to establish a relationship with a vet near you just incase.
I think its good to establish a relationship with a vet near you just incase.
I agree. I think a good relationship with the vet is important. It lets you trust who they are, in case something does happen. It gives you peace of mind that you trust him/her to give your kitty the best care.

I do the yearly thing. They give them a good once over and make sure there isn't something going on that I haven't seen or caught.
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