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Hi folks – I’m wondering if anyone can suggest ways to help a cat get over a bad bout of diarrhea.

Here’s the scoop on my kitty:
-6 yrs old, female, spayed, indoor only. Has a history of vomiting and some diarrhea issues. Over the last year we have used the process of elimination (pun intended) to try to figure out what causes her GI upset, and the vet’s best guess is either IBD or a food intolerance. After trying several different diets of varying qualities/grain-content statuses/protein sources, it seemed until recently like the diet that best managed her issues was the Hills Rx i/d canned food. I know what people will say about that, and I don’t like feeding it either, but at some point, you just work with what stays down the hatch. Even so, every few months it seems like she gets a round of the pukeys. We give her a small dose of famotidine before each meal and that seems to help.

9 days ago, she developed super-loose diarrhea and started vomiting. I took her to the vet, and they gave her (1) subQ fluids, (2) an anti-emetic, and (3) an Rx for metronidazole pills. Her diarrhea has responded well to metronidazole in the past, so I was hopeful.

Well, not this time. Despite feeding her a super-bland diet (boiled chicken with some rice, and occasionally tempting her with chicken baby food – her appetite comes and goes), adding in Fortiflora, and the metronidazole & famotidine, absolutely no change in stool consistency. Still complete liquid.

On Thursday the vet gave me some EndoSorb to help firm things up. She has been drinking freely and I’ve chased her down with a dropper of Pedialyte a couple times each day. She has generally been eating well, and fortunately the vomiting has not returned since that first day.

As of yesterday morning, there was still no change, so I brought her back in to be examined. Nothing obviously wrong with her, good hydration status. They sent me home with more metronidazole (liquid this time, in case she was spitting out pills – a talent of hers!) and a new Rx food to try – the Hills z/d.

As of today, still no change (although I realize that I'm being impatient; the new diet is being incorporated slowly, and she's only had a couple doses of the liquid metronidazole so far). Is there something else I can do to help her recover from the diarrhea? The vet wants to test a couple other ideas re: the actual cause, but what can I do to better manage the symptom in the meantime?
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